Tuesday, July 5, 2011

YESSSSS! We are officially under contract for our house!

And my stomach is completely in knots.

Here's a brief synopsis of the house selling history:
  • Listed on MLS around 2/23/11.
  • Price reduction made in late April.
  • Had our 17th showing on 6/17/11, the same day we decided to hire a realtor since we'd had no offers or 2nd showings out of those 17.
  • Realtor contract signed last week but effective date is 7/8/11.
  • Showing #20 made to a family "ready to buy today" on 7/3/11.  They came back the same day for a 2nd look and said they'd be making an offer the next day.
  • 7/4/11, offer made and subsequent counteroffer from us.
  • 7/5/11 - counteroffer accepted!
So it looks like we'll be moving back to our Tampa condo by August 15th.  Unfortunately we had to give notice to a tenant in there (month to month lease w/ 30 day notice).  I feel terrible about disrupting someone else, but it's what we had to do :(  With a large dog, a cat, and the need for the storage our condo has (2 car garage plus 2 parking spaces), we'd be jumping through impossible hoops to live anywhere else.

Holy crap holy crap holy crap.....there is SOFA KING MUCH TO DO.  I need a drink and a sleeping pill (and NO that's not like every other day!  just some of them :)

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