Monday, July 11, 2011

When it pours

Well maybe it's not "pouring" but compared to 4 months of no offers, last week was definitely a strong shower.  Not only did we get the official offer early last week, but Friday I got a call from a realtor who showed our house in June.  She said her clients have a contract on their house and were hoping to move forward on ours; but it was slightly out of their price range, so they wanted her to ask if we were willing to negotiate.  I've no idea if they would have been able to give us a price we would consider or not, but told her about our contract and said I'd keep her info if it doesn't go through. 

This weekend we're going to take another load of stuff down to the property.  We're also going to meet with our photographer friends, Wendy and Davis Varner, to show them around so that they can take so local photographs that we will sell in the boutique.  I am really excited to be starting off so quickly with our own local talent.  In addition to the Varners, I will have at least two pottery artists from the Tampa area selling art in the boutique.  Both of these ladies make ocean/beach/fish inspired pieces from clay.  Pics to come!

After this weekend, we'll head down again with some bigger items (furniture for the Key West Cottage) the weekend of 7/29, and then return the following weekend to paint and set up the boutique.  We'll have to move the remainder of our house into the condo somewhere around 8/10-8/15 if our closing remains the 15th.

Because the owners don't want us painting around their art collection that is still in the gallery, we'll have to postpone opening the boutiqe by a week; but we should be pretty set to open the weekend of August 13th.  We're back to having the Key West cottage vacant, so as soon as we get it furnished and photographed, it will go up on and as advertised for rent.

I think that's all the updates for now.  The pace is quickening....hope we can keep up :)

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