Monday, July 11, 2011

Narrowing down decor plans - Key West Cottage edition

It appears after months of searching, surfing, and planning, we might have the Key West Cottage almost "finished".  I tortured Chris by taking him to Ikea this weekend to get his opinion on the two biggest purchases for the cottage; the bed and the couch.  We came to a decision pretty easily. 

So: here are the plans.  Some pics I used for inspiration can be found here.

Out front we'll put the two refurbished directors chairs.  I'll probably pick up a used (white) table from somewhere to put between.

The first room in the cottage is the kitchen/dining area.  I plan to use a seagrass type rug like this one under the dining set we have (which is pending some white paint).

I'll cover the chair seats with something like this

Then to the left will be the dresser I'll paint turquoise; similar to this one
with a mirror over it; probably painted gray or, if I use the bamboo one we have, which is pale yellow, i'll see if that color works before painting

Next up is the living room.  I plan to use this rug
under this couch

across from two of these chairs

with a white coffee table
and yellow end tables

And the TV on top of this (also pending fresh paint)
If we use lamps, i have one like this.

I'll have a desk and chair in the corner, but I'm still debating on whether to keep white or paint.  For now, I plan to leave the walls white.  When we close on the property (and therefore don't have to worry about returning anything to it's original condition), I plan to paint their wood trim white.  After that I will paint the walls either a pale yellow or gray. 

For the bedroom we'll get this bed
with this headboard if it fits. 

If not, I'll make a thin padded headboard w/ fabric and we'll put up shelves for nightstands.  Similar to this.
I have two rugs similar to this to flank the bed

And we are keeping the bedding all white so it can be bleached.  I'll add some pillows for color and paint the walls in the small bedroom either yellow, gray, or light turquoise.  TBD.

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