Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh Captain my Captain

Chris finished his Captain's class and took the test last night and passed w/ flying colors!  So all he needs to do now is take the CPR/First Aid course, submit his paperwork, and the Coast Guard will send his official license in a few weeks.  I'm very excited for him!  This license will allow him to do fishing charters, boat tours, etc.  Sounds a lot more fun than sitting in an office planning and managing warehouses.

The test taking was not w/o drama.  The test was split into 4 sections and there was only one that he knew would be a challenge to pass.  He took that one first to get it over with.  When he got it scored, the proctor told him he missed 5 questions, which was a fail.  He said he knew there was no way he could have missed 5, but she was insistent on her scoring.  So he took it again.  This time he was told he missed 10!  After questioning her again, she finally whipped out the answer key.  One of the questions he got "wrong" was a true/false question, where the only answers would have been A or B.  Her key said the answer was "D", which wasn't possible.  She realized she had been looking at the wrong test keys all along and that he actually passed the first time.  So not only was the poor guy thinking he failed not once but twice (can you imagine the harrassment from Captain McLeod on this???) but she scored at least one other persons test as a fail.  This other guy left thinking he failed, but he actually passed too.  AND this proctor didn't even think about the other people she scored wrong until Chris pointed it out.  WTF?  Incompetent much? 

Anyway....that's behind us and now it's time to bring on the fishing trips!!

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