Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Update - furniture priming begins!

 Had a super productive weekend. 

On Friday I powered through 7 pieces of furniture and some oil based primer.  Half way through I wanted to stop....but I was starting to see how cool it will all eventually look, so with the help of some Advil, I continued until each piece had 2 coats of primer. 

Still to do - the large hutch type piece, 4 end tables, 3 lamps, dining table and 4 chairs, and this newly acquired beauty

Bought this off of Craigslist yesterday - $30 delivered right to our door. 
It's perfect for the space and I plan to paint it turquoise.  Love.

We also had a neighborhood yard sale and in addition to unloading 1-2 Jeep loads of stuff that we no longer need/want/use, we made $115 (at the end of the sale there was a Goodwill truck that took any unsold stuff we wanted to unload and we took a full car-load there).

And finally, we had 2 last minute house showings; one on Saturday and one on Sunday.  And got a call for another tomorrow (on top of another tentative one scheduled from last week).  So at least we're getting some exposure, seemingly at least as much if not more so than the houses on our street that are listed w/ realtors.

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