Thursday, March 17, 2011

I love surprises....most of the time

Tuesday I came  home early to show the house.  I took advantage of the extra hours and started priming some lamps and various metal decor items I had bought to refinish, then started cleaning and sanding the new yellow dresser. 
Here's a better pic of it in the garage.

I am loving this piece - it's not fine furniture by any means but it's perfect for a buffet for the small dining room in the Key West Cottage.

When the lady dropped it off, she mentioned like twice that it was marked "purchased in 1979".  Well she was close. 
This is what it actually says.

Sort of like this flower,

it will be a shame to paint over that.

So the joy didn't end there....first as I was removing the drawers I found this

Not sure if this was a small towel or a pair of socks, I didn't find it necessary to inspect that closely, especially when after the next drawer removal these appeared....

Seriously.  It's better than finding a giant spider,
but still pretty gross.

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