Monday, March 21, 2011

Key West Cottage Decor Ideas

Since I have no more pictures of my own that I can share, I will post some ideas and inspiration pictures here.  If nothing else it will help ME to get my ideas together, and maybe some of you friendly people can weigh in on what you like and don't like.

My initial color scheme idea is yellow/gray/white/turquoise.  I am still debating on in what quantities each color will go.  If it were just my regular home and not a rental, in my dreams it would look something like this:

But yeah, not only does that room cost 86 billion dollars, it wouldn't exactly tie in with the whole Matlacha fishing crowd.  That will not deter me from having it as beachy chic as I can possibly get away w/ though.

Since that room in the pictures doesn't have any yellow, here are a couple with some yellow/gray and yellow/turquoise, just to see the combo all together.

Here's a pic of the living room as it is now as a reminder of what we're starting w/.  As you can see some of the trim is wood.  The baseboards are white and the walls are white.  My initial thought was to paint the walls a light yellow and the trim white.  The door is a strange light blue which I'd probably also paint white. 

So for the living room (this room), I'm thinking a gray area rug.  I'd love a white rug, and I did find a decent option at Lowes that is sort of a white/cream/gray blend that would probably be pretty dirt durable, but I do love this one and it would probably be better for hiding dirt.  It's just more $$ than I had wanted to spend, but given that the entire furniture purchased so far adds up to like 45 cents, I may justify the slight splurge.
I also love this one from Ikea, and it's only TWENTY dollars, compared to more than 10x that w/ the one above, but it's a little bit too small for the area.

Alternately I could torture my husband and go for my signature animal print....that's always fun...

As for seating....after hour upon hour, day after day of deliberating, I have somewhat (like the commitment?) decided on these from Ikea.  The room is simply too small for a couch, so this is a loveseat sleeper. 
Sitting across from two of these chairs
Leaving them either as they are in dark gray or covering them like this

But maybe in this fabric, which ties the color scheme together.  See this chair from Target, which used this same fabric as upholstery for one of their chairs.  Love it!! 

From here my biggest variable is how to paint the furniture - the desk and chair, coffee table, and end tables that will go in the room.  Obviously white is always an option but I'm loving these brightly painted pieces. 
I'm pretty sure I will wait to get the place partially decorated and decide which gets what color then. 

One exception to that is the dining room dresser/buffet/sideboard, I am pretty sure I will go straight for turquoise with that one.  As in BEFORE:

AFTER (the color, not the actual dresser):
Picture that with a white dining table and chairs,
Upholstered with something like one of these

(moooooooo......yes it's doubtful there will be a complete lack of some sort of animal print)

Then with a plain indoor/outdoor rug underneath, like a gray jute or something like these

And finally, the teeny, tiny bedroom!  Unless plans change we'll go w/ this bed from Ikea, since there is no room for a dresser in the room.

We'll add some shelves on either side instead of nightstands, since you won't be able to open the back drawers if there were nightstands sitting next to the bed.  Like this:

I will probably upholster a headboard like the above too, perhaps w/ this fabric

I'm stumped on bedding for now too....there are lots I like but I have to keep reminding myself who the room is for.  So I'll probably keep it pretty plain; either solid or a simple pattern like stripes.

I was going to do a big rug underneath the bed, but again the room is only slightly bigger than the bed itself, so most of the rug would be wasted.  Instead I found two small rectangle faux sheepskin rugs that I'll put on either side of the bed for comfy morning feet.

OK, give me your thoughts!  (girls, you can email me you don't have to post here).

And yes, I'm already planning the next one...  Here's a sneak peek of what I think the inspiration will be for the colors.

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