Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Countdown is ON

Yesterday we signed the contract and sent in the first deposit.  It took an entire month of going back and forth between lawyers, talking to bankers to make sure we can get financing, and negotiating the details but we're finally there.

One thing that almost held us up was the commercial kitchen.  The lawyers were saying the sellers said that ALL contents of the commercial kitchen belonged to the women currently running the restaurant...including the appliances i.e. stove, fridge, etc.  WTF?  I got all fired up over that one.  We reminded them that the pictures on the website and all descriptions described a working commercial kitchen....not one that needed appliances.  We plan to replace the chairs and tables anyway so that wasn't a big deal, but to have to install cooking equipment?  Anyway....issue resolved, the appliances will belong to us.

So, next on the list is the inspection, which should occur next week. 

One more month until we can start making it ours!  I am dying to start moving all the crap out of our garage and put together the first cottage.  I haven't posted a recent picture of the garage but I will's a spectacle.  And I'm up to over 100 items of women's clothing sizes XS/0 to XL/16.  I think I'll need to double to triple that to have a decent inventory July 1. 

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