Thursday, March 3, 2011

Taking "dog friendly" to a new level

We've been gathering recommendations for accountants, lawyers and lenders.  Since we're headed down this weekend to meet the sellers and to show the property off to more friends, Chris made us an appointment to meet with an accountant tomorrow afternoon.  We are bringing Tiki with us, and won't have a hotel on Friday (and won't be close enough to just drop him off at our friends home where we will be staying Friday night), so Chris asked the accountant if we could have our meeting at a dog friendly restaurant (which is practically all of them).  If not, we figured he would go in while I stay outside w/ the pooch and listen in via speaker phone. 

Not so much necessary!  The accountant said we are more than welcome to bring our DOG into our meeting at her office.  She brings hers in most days and said she would just leave hers at home that day.

Gotta love it!  Not thinking we'll have the same luck with the bank, but hey you never know.

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