Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The people who price at Goodwill may want to seriously rethink their careers

I am becoming a regular at our local Goodwills, the one on Gandy in particular. 

On Valentines Day I stopped by a fish market to get some good stuff for dinner and afterward felt compelled to stop by the Goodwill next door.  We didn't even have a contract agreement with the property yet but I was dying to just look and get a feel for what I might be able to find on the super cheap.  In the furniture section, I noticed a large white mirror with a shelf.  It looked really nice, but I wasn't thinking "mirror" when I went in (actually not sure what I was thinking).  After browsing around for a few minutes I looked at the mirror again and noticed it looked like pretty high quality.  I turned it over and saw a Pottery Barn sku sticker on it.  I couldn't get it to the cash register fast enough, especially since the Goodwill price tag was $10.06.  Running out the door with it barely fitting under my arm, I was almost afraid someone was going to stop me for stealing!

I got home and immediately looked it up on the Pottery Barn website.  Um, yeah....it retails for $199.  On sale.  This is the exact mirror I got for 95% off, even more if you factored in tax and/or shipping.  And no, there is nothing wrong with it!

Conversely....yesterday I made my what has since become my weekly ritual....my stop into Goodwill.  They had these tables from Ikea....labeled for $20 each. 

Merchandising is not their forte.

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