Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Trash to Treasure?

This is our garage these days.

I have mixed emotions about this....I'm half proud-half embarrassed by this Sanford and Sons set.   Proud that we're being so thrifty/recycling/creative, but definitely embarrassed that it looks like such total ass. 

I plan to paint every one of these babies.  They have all been sanded as of a couple of weeks ago.  Then I sort of stopped, somewhat overwhelmed by all the work ahead.  Last night I needed to suck it up and get back to work.  I made some progress by dusting them all off and placing them all on some sheets so that tonight I can get right to priming before I have time to realize I'd rather be on the couch with a glass of wine watching House Hunters International. 

Here is the piece that started it all.  Well other than the Pottery Barn mirror, but that doesn't need refinishing.  This little gem was had for $3 at a garage sale the day after we knew we were on our way to a deal.  Now that I've shopped around a bit, I realize I may not have much use for this table, but really, how wrong can you really go for three bucks?

Later that same day came the pieces I posted about here.

The ten dollar antique hutch
We were on the fence with this.  It had a $20 price tag on it, which wasn't the issue....we just weren't sure if we would use it.  While we were deliberating, the owner came up and said we could have it for ten.  Sold.  It's actually really cool.  It had a rotten piece of wood, which I scraped out and replaced, and a broken piece of glass which I also removed.  We are just going to remove the glass on the other side since we'll just use it for store display or something.

When she offered the ten dollar hutch above, she offered her previously marked $30 cedar chest for $10 as well.  Again, no real planned use, but it's gorgeous.  It had some broken feet on the bottom but nothing a little gorilla glue couldn't fix.

Here is the metal decoration on top. 
And finally, the five dollar desk. 

So this fine day we spent $28 on 4 pieces.

Next up (I think the next day?) I ventured out for some Craigslist tables.  4 of these Thomasville end tables, 

and this matching mirror (like it matters since they'll all be painted)

for $24/total.  Since we really don't need so many end tables I am planning to cut the legs down a few inches and add pads on top for seating/benches for the yoga room or wherever.

In search of a coffee table, I picked this up from another Craigslist ad for $20.

The drawer is obviously out for painting.  I am thinking about upholstering the top to make it more
ottoman like.

These came from Goodwill.  I was going back and forth on them for $20 when the guy offered them for $12 for both.  After confirming from Chris that he didn't find them hideous, I splurged.  I think just about every household in the 70's had these tables.  I love their retro goodness.

Another Goodwill trip found me these matching, but more importantly WORKING, lamps...for $8/both.

Hold on, I'm almost done....I swear (for now anyway)

In search of a chair for the $5 desk, I found the $5 chair at Goodwill.  I think this is going to be adorable with paint and new material.

And last but not least....another coffee table.  I wasn't looking for one, but while at the property this past weekend, we came across these beautiful bamboo tables that had an open area at the top filled with sand and sealife.  This is not even remotely in the same league, but since those tables were $900 and this one was $30, I think we can make an "inspired by" version that will be really cute.

This is Chris's favorite part.  He is literally begging me not to paint over this.

This, however, was my favorite part.  Three pieces of what appeared to be bran cereal....stuck to the inside of the glass covered area.   Sweet.

Oh and let me not forget our dining set....which is my favorite price - free! 

Donated to the cause by my co-worker.  I'm leaving this in my office until we can start moving some stuff out of the garage which will hopefully be early April.  Then these will be phase II of sand/prime/paint/upholster.  That is if doing all of the above doesn't completely burn me out and cause me to run screaming and crying
to Rooms To Go.

Tonight (maybe...hopefully) the priming will begin.  I can't wait to see how these babies transform. 

Oh and the grand total for all of the above?  $127.  $137 if you include the $199 Pottery Barn mirror.

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