Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend progress w/ pictures

Well it was just the two of us this weekend and we continued the momentum of gettin' stuff done!
Our weekend summary:
  • met with a local lady who publishes a "Gallery Guide" for the Island to work on an ad for the inclusion of Yellowdog
  • finished steaming and organizing clothes
  • unpacked art and homegoods
  • did a little decorating throughout the property
  • primed 3 1/2 out of 5 book cases that we are painting white for use in the boutique and cottages
  • primed and painted the two mirrors going in the Redfish
  • picked out art (from our existing stash) to hang in the Redfish (not hung yet)
  • cleaned up the Redfish for pics
  • weeded and sprayed landscaping
  • put together more outdoor furniture
  • got rid of a truckful of boxes/trash/scrap metal
  • bought a cash register
  • got a business phone number
  • met with the guy who will make our new signs
  • ordered business cards
  • drastically decluttered the gallery - put some stuff away for use and others in the overhead storage
  • met some key people in the area - the owners of Bert's Bar and Grill and the owners of Island Visions Gallery.  Enjoyed talking with all.
I'm probably forgetting some stuff Chris did while I was doing other stuff but we both worked a good 10 hours on Saturday and another 4-5 on Sunday.

Some fun things we did - I did my first paddle board in the area early Saturday morning.  We also had dinner at the Tarpon Lodge and Micheli's.  Both meals were amazing!!  The restaurant manager at Tarpon Lodge is one of the friendliest ladies around - she absolutely could not be nicer.  There was a fantastic singer and acoustic guitar player at the Tarpon Lodge, I don't have her info here but I'll post it another time.  She should seriously be famous.  I hope we can afford to pay her to play at Yellowdog someday :)

Enjoy the progress pics!  Sorry for the mediocre quality, we forgot the camera so these are phone pics.


  1. Wow! Couldn't be more impressed.

  2. You guys have done so much! I'm amazed at how it has transformed in such a short period of time. Redfish looks totally ready go (your guests are probably going to want to move in)!
    congrats on the huge progress in the boutique...hopefully some frosty cold beers made the burns feel better :)

  3. Wow! Productive weekend! The cottage looks amazing! Beautiful and cozy ~ you're going to have a waiting list! Sounds like things are really coming along with the boutique too! Love hearing of the progress!