Monday, August 8, 2011

Stronger thighs....weaker liver

This weekend was major - tons of accomplishments and stronger thighs to boot.  My quads are killing me from all of the squatting down to paint, move things, climb up this, down that, etc.  I didn't really need the reminder of how much I haven't been exercising; but I guess I will be grateful for the good workout that comes along w/ moving and doing so much manual labor.

So - this weekend, along with Mark, Stacy, Rich and Lesa (and Two Men and a Truck) we:
  1. moved most of our furniture down
  2. painted the boutique
  3. painted and set up the dressing rooms
  4. set up the clothing stands and some of the displays
  5. set up the inside bar
  6. painted the inside of the smallest cottage
  7. put together the 2,483 piece bed
  8. finished some furniture painting projects
  9. removed the old crank boat lift
  10. cleaned up some debris from the outside bar
  11. really got the smallest cottage about 95% ready to rent
  12. did a huge amount of cleaning and decluttering (with lots more to go)
  13. tested out the awesome commercial coffee pot
  14. watched dogs play
  15. did some paddle boarding and kayaking
  16. had lots of mimosas 
  17. laughed after some burly local guy at Bert's said to Mark "You look just like my sister!" (seriously, you can't make stuff like that up!!)
  18. had a ton of fun
Here's some pics as proof :)

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