Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New names and an opening date planned!

I completely forgot about the new names we picked out for the buildings! 

Currently, they are known as the "Key West Cottage", the "Dutchman" and we think the third one was just the "Gallery" although we refer to it as the Winston's cottage (the name of the tenant in there).   We wanted to change the names to be cohesive and relevant to our plans.

So, two weekends ago when all the friendlies were around, we decided their input after several cocktails would make for big fun.  Rich had the most original, yet disgusting, name; which won't be repeated here.  I think some other jokes were thrown around before he realized we were actually looking for REAL names.  It didn't take too long before we came to fish names; namely because of the desire to use "Tarpon", the very cool large fish that is popular to fish for around the area.  The other two very popular sport fish around are called "Redfish" and "Snook"; and the cottage names were born.  The "Dutchman" is now the Tarpon, the "Key West" is now the Redfish and "Winston's" is the Snook.

Another decision that was made is to open the boutique Labor Day weekend.  There is simply way too much to get done on weekends only to rush to get done before then, so we decided to not stress out so much and just go w/ that.  This weekend we'll put a sign up in the windows for all of the gawkers who come by and look in on their way to/from Bert's.  It's a great sign that there is a TON of foot traffic going by every weekend we've been there; and this is slow season. 

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