Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend progress w/ pictures 8-29

Had lots of help and fun w/ friends this weekend - our friend Steve came out on Saturday w/ his son Cooper, and Lesa came our on Saturday and then back again w/ Rich on Sunday.  Here's our completed items from the past weekend:
  • replaced doorknobs on the dressing rooms w/ ones that lock
  • added light kits to the ceiling fans in the Redfish for some much needed extra light
  • made a padded headboard for the bed in the Redfish
  • finished painting all but one bookcase
  • worked on displaying jewelry in the boutique
  • added the shelf onto the display case so that I can stand up large pottery platters for display
  • got about 60-70% of the clothing price tagged (while drinking mimosas)
  • got our sign hung!
  • removed a ton of ivy from the front landscaping to a. not kill the tree it was wrapped around and b. make more room for parking
  • continued clean up in the gallery
  • finished setting up the bar
  • hung mirrors in the Redfish
  • plugged in and partially programmed the cash register
  • learned how to run credit cards for purchases
  • bought/installed a smoke detector for the Redfish and worked on getting our fire extinguishers up to code
We also went out to Micheli's Saturday night with Steve and Coop and saw a really great band, the Sand Fleas.  Hope to see them again soon!  Had the usual working lunch from Andy's Seafood across the street, and the boys (including Cooper) had a drink at Bert's (I was too tired and went to sleep instead).  Steve and Coop also did a little kayaking Sunday morning.

The latest pics - still not complete but almost there.  Next weekend we will hang all the art in the Redfish and Gallery, as well as have the boutique completely set up and ready for bidness :) 


  1. This is seriously an adorable place. I LOVE the pops of blue and yellow, they look so fresh and fun :)

  2. Absolutely love the logo! Looking forward to a visit... someday...