Monday, August 15, 2011

Last of three moves and the house closing - D.O.N.E.

Holy cow....what a week. 

Thursday the movers showed up to pack and move us from the house to the condo.  We opted to pay them to pack up our kitchen and closets in the interest of time.  It took them WAY longer than we expected.  Anyway, they got the interior packing done and had gotten about 2-3 hours into the truck packing when one of the guys started puking from heat/dehydration and had to quit.  So Chris helped them pack the rest of the stuff and they took the truck back to the office while we drove up to the condo and had nothing to sleep on or eat from.  We borrowed a Pottery Barn chair/bed cushion and some towels/pillows/sheets along with a wine opener.  Luckily when we realized we were not getting our stuff that night we had some wine glasses still out, and the movers don't like to move glass/liquids so we had wine out as well.  We ate some turkey lunch meat and cut up fruit with our fingers for dinner on our 4 inch thick "bed" on the floor.  Oh well it was way better than being ON the floor and NO wine/food.

Friday the movers showed back up with FIVE guys this time (there were two on Thursday) and they unloaded in a quick two hours.  The Verizon guy showed up on time and got done during the same time, so I was able to leave for Matlacha with a condo full of furniture and all of our belongings, a bed made up for Sunday night when we returned, and working TV and internet. 

This weekend was spent unpacking inventory for the boutique, setting up a BJ's account (and buying a TV for the 1st rental cottage) and putting together outdoor furniture for the restaurant.  We were so busy we barely stopped to eat.  We realized just how much more we get done when our friends are there to help (as Stacy was Friday night and Saturday morning).   Anyone want to volunteer to come help this weekend?  Rich and Lesa are rude enough to be traveling :) :)  J/k love you guys.

We had to go back to the house yesterday while the new owners were there (we let them in the house on Saturday even though the closing was this morning) to finish cleaning out.  Even with two moves done by movers, a U-haul trip, and multiple trips made by us with the Jeep and the truck filled to the brim, we still had one more trip with each of our vehicles filled to capacity yesterday; and Chris even had to go this morning to get a few things we couldn't fit last night.  Unbelievable.  Our 2 car garage at the condo is wall to wall crap.  I thought my garage was bad before....

The closing went smoothly this morning, we're all moved, so all the worst things are now over. 

Next up - setting up merchant accounts to accept credit/debit card payments, buying a cash register, changing signage, finishing the boutique and cottage set ups, and figuring out our cafe situation.  The woman who ran it before has expressed interest in coming back but we've yet to get a commitment from her. 

Sorry no new pics; literally didn't even think about it until just now.  Busy bee.

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