Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The rollercoaster continues

But I hope the ride is almost over.

Last week we got word that most of our requests had been met and implemented into our documents (lease and addendum), along with a new surprise.  The "key west" cottage, the one that I have been chomping at the bit to decorate and collecting furniture for since FEBRUARY, is now occupied and won't be open to us to use or alter until August.  While at first I wanted to scream with frustration (and I sort of did), after my head cooled a bit I realized that since they state that the occupants would most likely want to continue renting the place from us, that's guaranteed income starting day 1 vs having to advertise and hope people want to book.  And while I love the idea of having the unit available for our friends to stay in, we can't deny the appeal of guaranteed rent.

In addition, there is someone utilizing the kitchen facility that may also want to continue, to the tune of a regular rental income.  Since the last occupants had pretty much unexpectedly (to us) stopped serving, we were trying to figure out whether we'd undertake the restaurant ourselves or find a new tenant.  This solves that problem.

So all in all to have these (maybe, and I say maybe since everything seems to change by the day) tenants in place when we take over is a good thing and will limit what we have to focus on at first.  Having too much to take care of in the beginning would definitely stress me out.  Now I guess we can just focus on the boutique, the owners cottage (where there will be room for friends to stay, albeit not an individual unit unless we stay somewhere else), and the boating business. 

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