Monday, May 16, 2011

Restaging awesomeness!

Not sure how I could have been reluctant?? (well other than all the work required)  The house looks SO MUCH BETTER.  I wish we had done this years ago.

We did all the changes described here, as well as rearranging the 2nd bedroom, the one that was already a guest room.  We repositioned the bed 90 degrees and put the dresser in the closet to make more space.  Not only did it open the room way up, now as you lie in bed you can actually see the water.  I keep joking that it's a "partial water view" - like those hotel rooms that bill themselves that way but you can only see the water if you stand on your tiptoes and lean out the window. 

So - here are the new and improved rooms!
2nd bedroom before - it was pretty much impossible to even take a good picture of the set up, but before the bed was against the solid wall facing the window facing our neighbors house. 

2nd bedroom after - now the window facing the neighbors house (the window to the right) is also the slight water view and there is more usable room around all sides of the bed.

Office before

Office after

Entryway before

Entryway after.  Totally amazed at how perfectly the book cases from the office fit on the wall and around the mirror.  I will probably paint them white/off-white cause I'm not crazy about the color in here.

And the craft/sewing room was shifted and condensed to make room for the office desk.  This is a big improvement since I never liked sitting at the desk in the office cause it felt so away from the rest of the fun going on in the house.  Now it's closer to the action with a full water view.  Love it.

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