Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Island Time

What a lovely sounding phrase...and maybe once we're on it we'll actually appreciate it.  But for now I hate it.  It's what has turned what we thought would be a three month process into six.

Originally we had thought "maybe" we'd be on board with this business starting in May, considering the verbal agreements were actually in place in February.  Those hopes were quickly dashed when we realized how much needed to be done, so then we thought we'd be set on June.  Most of Feb and March was spent making sure we could get financing, since there were some questions about property lines and easements.  Then there were some restaurant equipment questions.  March quickly turned into April.  Since we need to get everything settled 60 days prior to the takeover date, going into April meant moving the takeover date to July.  April was spent doing inspections and contract language on the sellers part.  Well an inspection showed termites, and the contract had some language we could NOT sign onto.  Each thing we've thrown back has taken at minimum a week....if not two or three.  So now we're looking at starting in August.  And that's IF nothing else comes up....

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