Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reluctantly Re-staging

I think our house is perfect, of course.  But after over a dozen showings and no offers, not even a "I can't even believe you would insult us with such a low price, get off of our property now before our dog pees on your leg" lowball, I'm lead to believe we need to step up our game.  We just lowered our price, so that might do it, but I've been thinking about anything else we can do to help move things along.

Our layout is a bit unique and I think people might have higher expectations in our price range and square footage, despite the fact that they are mostly paying for our land.  Our bedrooms and bathrooms are small, and we can't (won't) do anything about that.  But one thing I think we can do is make our layout appear more usable by at least taking the office out of our 3rd bedroom and making it back into a bedroom.  HGTV, realtors, and the rest of the world all stress that people can't visualize anything on their own and to make it easy for them, so here you go, you unimaginative people who can't see past a wall color or a furniture set win.

Here's our office now.

And our entry space,

which is really wasted space since the only one who ever sits on this couch, and I mean EVER, is the dog.  And he has 2 other couches, a futon, a large ottoman, and our bed (when we're not home to know about it) to monopolize. 

So I'm thinking, move the bookcases and the desk out of the office/bedroom.  Store the desk but use the book cases where the couch in the entry way are.  We've already downsized the book factor by at least half from when those pics above were taken, so they will be more decorative and WAY less busy than in the picture. 

Give away leather couch and chair pictured above, store the spare tables.  Set up the ottoman bed (the striped chaise thing in the office pics, which folds out to a full size bed) as a "real" bed, flank w/ the 70's end tables (painted....they are just primed for now) and goodwill lamps...

...and the very next person to see the house will be in instant love and give us $50k over our asking price. 

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