Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend update - new furniture acquisitions

Just when I thought our garage couldn't hold any more stuff.....we crammed a few more things in there this weekend.

Here's a view from inside.

And here is what it looked like just a month or so ago....before I lost my sanity :)

Then there was this.....

Oy.  I am so having to repress my OCD lately.

So - onto what's new. 
I had bought an almost new Ikea Tullsta chairs from a Craigslist seller a few weeks ago for $60.  These chairs are $99 new, plus tax, plus the hassle of driving to the Ikea....not to mention how long must take to make a purchase in that bloated warehouse on steroids (I've only been once just to scope it out.  Didn't buy anything, but almost got stuck there since there appeared to be no way out unless you were going through the checkout).  So I'd been checking Craigslist for more Ikea chairs and found 2 more for sale along w/ a cover.  And she delivered.  So I got 2 more chairs and a cover delivered for less than it would have cost for one chair and the cover, new.  I only planned to cut the cover apart for a pattern to make new covers, so a used one was perfect.  These two chairs are not exactly the same as the one I had bought but a. they are way more comfortable, and b. they all look the same once the covers are on anyway.

I'll post tomorrow (hopefully) with the finished chair covers.  I have made the cushion part and cut out the chair part, I just need to buy zippers and put them together.  They are going to look SOOOOO awesome and I am in love w/ the fabric.  Here's a preview.

More on these tomorrow or Wed.

Saturday the neighborhood next to ours had their community garage sale.  I got on my bike and checked out most of the sales.  Not too much good stuff but I did find a mirror that matches the yellow dresser from a few weeks ago (sans any extra panties, thank goodness).  Five bucks!  Sweet.

Then found this high top table w/ a Carribbean map on top.  It came w/ 2 stools and they had a $50 price tag on it, which was cheap enough in my book,  But as i was standing there looking at it and waiting for Chris to show up to check it out, the guy told me they were negotiable on the price.  So we offered them $40.  Not sure where we'll use it but I see it coming in handy somewhere.  Will probably paint the base of it and the stools a light aqua or yellow to complement the map.
Oh and here is our free TV stand, courtesy of my co-worker, the same one who is donating our dining room table and chairs.  If I were going for the really rustic beach look I'd leave it as is, but I think most everything else will be a bit more polished, so I'll throw a layer of paint on it. 

I'll post the total furniture expenditure update in another post. 

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