Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chair alteration, misc pics and inspiration

I wasn't happy with the way the chair cover fit once I moved it to the actual chair that it will be covering.  We have 3 of the Ikea chairs, one is a little different from the other 2 that match, and the one solo chair was the one I tried the cover on first.  Even though I thought for sure it was smaller than the other 2, the cover actually fit looser on the other 2.  So I "took in" the parts that were too loose and it looks a lot better.
Plus it's hemmed now too.  Love it!

I've been browsing on the popular website Pinterest lately for ideas.  Here are some random pics of ideas and inspiration as well as stuff I just like.

Decor and color inspiration

Ideas for things to make

I think this next one is my new favorite saying!

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