Monday, April 25, 2011


Until we can start moving crap out of the garage!!!  That makes me SOOOOOOO happy.

We may be going down on Saturday to sign the papers and bring a check since the due date is the 30th and we're not able to take care of it earlier this week.  If we do, hopefully they will let us bring some stuff down a day early.  We're waiting to hear....otherwise it'll be the weekend after.

This weekend we traded in my beloved, beautiful, gorgeously awesome BWM for a pick up truck.  Granted, in the world of pick ups, this one is quite nice....but it's not a luxury dream car like the BMW was to me.  I'm a sad, sad sack of sad.  I cried a little tear when I last saw my car being driven away.  I suppose I'll survive but it's probably not likely.

We also had a good showing of the house on Saturday.  As always, they happen when you least expect it.  I had my 2 nieces visiting for Spring Break and we were getting ready to do a little shopping on Saturday morning when I asked them to clean up their room and bathroom a bit, which I never ask them to do, just in case.  Wouldn't you know it at our 2nd stop a realtor called and wanted to show the house.  We raced home and I had exactly 11 minutes to clean up some more.  I even made my 12 year old niece vacuum while I put some things away.  Fortunately they were super nice and didn't expect a perfect house.....which was good since it was far from.  Anyway I did my first realtor "follow up" call today and she said they loved it and would likely be making a 2nd visit when they are back in town (they live up north).  Since I'm horrible at not getting my hopes up, they of course already are, and I'll likely be checking my phone every second until she calls again.

I'm now up to about 150 items for the store....we'll have new and like new items, sizes 0/XS-16/18/2X, brands including: Banana Republic, J Crew, Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, Paige Premium Denim, Bebe, Gap, American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, Old Navy, Talbots, Michael Kors, White House Black Market, Tommy Hilfiger, and a bunch of the different Target brands.  I don't think anything will be over $50 and most everything will be under $30.  I had hoped to have some things up here but I just don't have the time to iron everything twice (once now for a pic, and then again once they are up in the boutique) so I will make the online boutique more live once I start unpacking for the boutique (in May and June).

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