Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First official completed makeover

Well almost completed - close enough.  I didn't finish the hem, and I have 2 of these to do, but they'll look identical so for the purposes of sharing here, it's a completion :)

Before Chairs

And after!  Remember, it's not hemmed yet.

The fabric that looks sort of bunched on either side of the bottom is a pleat.  They'll look neater once ironed and hemmed.
The back, with the almost invisible zipper
It's not the most perfect fit in the world but it's defintely good enough. 
Here are a few "action shots" of the process.
10 yards of fabric - almost 2 too many but the lady at the fabric store convinced me I would need 10.  She was wrong.
Laying out the cushion
Laying out the chair pieces.  The fabric is folded over to cut both at once.  The fabric to the right is all leftover x2.

It was pretty easy to put together.  It took a few minutes here and there to figure out how to piece it together but the only problem I had was in the beginning with the first cushion.  The chairs were in the garage and I wrongly assumed that the zipper was on the straight part when it was actually on the curve.  I lost about 20 minutes unstitching and re-sewing but it was easily fixed.

So happy this was so doable.  I seriously thought this might take me like a week, but it only took about 4 hours total so far.  The 2nd one will come together even faster.

Oh and just a note about this fabric.  I came across it ages ago, way before we had even heard of Matlacha, but had no reason to buy any even though I loved it and knew it was totally "me".  I found it again right about the time I was planning to decorate the first cottage in the gray/yellow/turquoise color scheme.  I kind of purposely didn't show it to Chris in case he wanted to try to veto it.  I had planned to order it eventually but found it at a local fabric store that had 40% off everything this past weekend.  Since I bought TEN yards of it, it was a pretty big committment.  I showed it to Chris, bracing myself for his potential dislike, but also knowing he would pretty much be SOL
if he didn't like it :) 

Fortunately for both of us, he likes it.

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