Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We Have Liftoff!

AKA "lift(s)-in"

It happened to coordinate that the boat lifts went in right around the time that our full time tenant moved, vacating the "Snook" cottage.  We were out of town when this happened, so we got to see everything all at once and after the fact, missing the installation of the lifts and the moving of our tenant. 

So, we had a lot to do this past weekend!!  The lifts are not hooked up to electricity yet (or weren't this weekend) so there wasn't much to do there other than admire them and visualize how they will look filled with a couple of boats. 

The Snook cottage on the other hand....we had our hands full with that.  We cleaned for a collective 12 hours on Saturday; dusting, cleaning windows, kitchen cabinets, the bathroom, the wood floors, etc.  It was an exhausting day but well worth the effort as the place is going to look amazing. 

Saturday was cleaning day; Sunday was "start to get organized and furnish" day.  I switched out the kitchen knobs that were dated and broken for some cool oil rubbed bronze ones; a fixture color that we will repeat throughout the rest of the cottage.  We bought a few other fixtures that will be installed (kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet, etc) and some paint samples to try out.  I had also bought a dish set at Goodwill, and a new set of silverware I bought online a while back, so those got washed and put in cabinets.

We brought in a couch we had bought from some friends who recently redecorated, and a coffee table that was a freebie from other friends redecorating.  In addition to those, we have a huge set of outdoor pillows and chairs that we have yet to bring out that were from some of the same friends and THEIR friends.  We are so grateful for our friends giving us these amazing hand me downs!  Lucky us.

So; this weekend will probably entail hanging some chairs we bought a few months ago (that were just waiting for this perfect spot), possibly picking a color and beginning to paint, playing with the hopefully hooked up boat lifts, and enjoying this view.

Future endeavors for this cottage include switching the washer/dryer spot for the shower area (the shower is currently next to the kitchen, outside the bathroom, and the w/d is inside the bathroom).  We are hoping that they will switch up without too much trouble.  Also need to choose and install a new countertop and backsplash in the kitchen, and shop for the rest of the furniture we need.

I will keep posting pictures and details as things progress!

Oh and we already have this cottage booked for the month of February 2014 and we haven't even advertised it yet.  In fact, the only vacancies we have in all 3 cottages for
January - March 2014 is
Jan 1-14 in the Redfish and the months of January and March in this Snook cottage.  So if you are reading this and you think you want to book a stay for winter 2014,
better call/email asap!


  1. Great work so far Linda! Can't wait to take up residence next February...:c)
    Ailsa, Kent and Skye-dog

  2. We can't wait to have you all! You are going to absolutely love this cottage; I think we are most excited about this one out of all of them.