Monday, March 18, 2013


We're ready to start posting again!  Yay!  Let's celebrate!!!

In the past year we've been so busy adapting to being business owners on top of working full time outside jobs.  We've spent countless hours on the road driving back and forth from Tampa to Matlacha, and for me (Linda), hours packing and unpacking a suitcase evey weekend (I specify "me" because it takes Chris about 3 seconds to pack, plus he comes from work so he doesn't do the food/drink/dog/laptop, etc. packing).  We've been doing monthly tax reports, CRAZY maintenance we've never had to do before (we own an underwater drill if that's any indication), rental agreements, VRBO listings, etc. etc.  It's been a huge adjustment and this blog just sort of fell to the wayside when these mundane things took over from the earlier excitement of establishing the cottages and boutique for business.  BUT we have some really exciting changes coming up so look for these updates coming very, very soon:

1.  Adding two boat lifts and a small additional dock/walkway
2.  Getting the Snook cottage ready for rent
3.  Expanding the Tarpon cottage into the existing "dining room", giving it a water view from inside 
4.  Getting a small flats boat to better accommodate the fishing in the immediate area
5.  Possibly adding a pontoon boat as a pseudo floating dock to aid in kayak/SUP entry/exit

We had hoped to expand the dock square footage and add a floating dock, but were told by the county that our dock square footage was officially maxed out.  But the main thing was just getting a lift so that we can keep our boat on site and not at the marina, and that is planned to begin in just a few weeks. 

So until we can share more of the ongoing projects, here is our last year in dog pictures!!!!!

I love putting my camera on self picture mode and taking pictures of them in the back seat while we're driving (just to clarify - while Chris drives and I ride).  They spend about half of the drive nuzzling and licking us.  It's so sweet.  The rest of the time they spend sleeping on top of each other.  Sometimes Fisher will sit on Tiki's head.  Good times.

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