Thursday, April 25, 2013

T-shirts for sale!

Wow.  Just like most everything else we've done, these shirts were a loooooong time coming.  First to decide on and order, and then getting them up online.  But, they are here and they are spectactular.  Well that might be an overstatement, but they're pretty cool.

The men's shirt is this American Apparel shirt.  It could be the most comfortable t-shirt in the world.  Everyone who has worn one says so.  The seafood shop across the street uses them for their t-shirts so we copied them after realizing how wonderful a shirt it is.

The women's shirt is this Next Level shirt.  I decided on this t-shirt after buying one at a concert and falling in love with the deep v and the fitted, long length.  It's also super soft.

Existing quantities are pretty limited - you can buy one through our physical store, our online "shop" page, or just email me!

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