Monday, October 31, 2011

We bought the dog

We closed on the property on Friday.  We were supposed to close two weeks ago but some miscommunication about dates and urgency was recognized and everyone was happier moving the date out by 2 weeks.  Since it was all done remotely (other than notarizing our signatures) it was somewhat anticlimactic....we had already celebrated signing the lease paperwork and sending in our initial deposit, then celebrated taking possession Aug 1, then celebrated opening the store, then celebrated the fact that it was a Friday, etc. etc.  It is a little sobering to see the drain on our bank account.  I was enjoying the warm fuzzy feeling of a 6 figure bank account (not including cents this time :).

And in a timely coincidence, the Pine Island Eagle did a story on us last weekend that went to print this past week.  It definitely brought a lot of people into the shop this weekend and we even had our first framed photography sale!  See the article here.  Thanks to Kathy Jones for coming out and taking the time to share our story!

Here is the picture that sold from the boutique.  It's called "colorful boats on a painted dock" and is in an awesome driftwood frame.  I hope its new owner loves it!!

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