Monday, October 10, 2011

Business is booming

Ok, not quite booming but we did have a great weekend.  Almost 3 times the sales we've had compared to prior weekends.  A large chunk of that sales figure was thanks to our friend Lesa who was buying some gifts for friends.  Between the contribution to our sales and the help she and Rich gave with painting the Tarpon, I am beside myself from how lucky we are to have the friends we have.  Including the ones who have been feeding us when we get home late and tired on Sundays (thanks to Stacy, Jodi, and Mark x 2).

Our wonderful friends decided to help us knock out the majority of painting to be done in the Tarpon.  I had completed about 70% of the front room (which will be used as a 2nd bedroom/office) a couple of weekends ago and wanted some additional opinions on the color before moving forward.  I had chosen "Aqua Glow" by Valspar. 

The consensus was it was a great color so we went for it.  Between the 4 of us and a few ladders we completed the front room and the kitchen/living room.  We were down to the last drop of paint otherwise we would have started the bedroom too.  It looks SO great.  Best of all now we can start hanging some art including this awesome rope picture from Ambient Light!

We also added another pottery artist this weekend - Apholz Pottery.  I didn't have a good camera with me but here is a cell phone pic of the display with his work.  AND, we had our first fine art sale of one of his pieces on Sunday. 
Sunday we had a great sale just as we were closing.  The guy who made our signs came in with his girlfriend and announced they were getting married tomorrow (today) and she needed a dress to wear!   I was so thrilled for them, and so excited that they came to us to buy a dress.  They picked out 3-4 to try on and she chose a beautiful silk chiffon sundress with a watercolor-ish pattern in blues and white.  It was perfect.  She also went home with a pair of aqua blue crystal earrings to wear with the dress.  I can't wait to see pictures!

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