Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Starting off with a bang

So we put our house up for sale this past weekend. 

Literally not 15 minutes after I put the for sale by owner sign in our yard I received a call from a couple who wanted to see the house.  They had been in our neighborhood seeing a couple of other houses for sale and in between the time they arrived to see our neighbor's house and the time they were leaving was when I put up the for sale sign.  I couldn't believe my luck w/ the timing.

They really liked the house and said it had many of the things they were looking for.  They liked the colors and decor of the house, and were hoping to buy a boat, so a dock and lift were important.  When we took them outside to see the dock, a bunch of dolphins were chasing mullet fish up against our seawall for a very close up view.  The timing was impeccable.  They left with a request for a follow up from us for tax and school info, and I felt maybe we did have a good chance of selling relatively quickly.  With this economy, unemployment, the fact that there are several other houses in our neighborhood for sale, the questions about whether real estate will continue to drop, etc. etc. it just seems like all the odds are against us.  But meeting this couple gave us hope that there are still people out there looking for properties like ours.

Then yesterday morning we woke up to terrible news.  A police officer was shot Monday night, just a few miles from our house.  And not even a month after two other officers were shot just southwest of this shooting.  There hadn't been an officer shot and killed in St. Pete in 30 years and now we have 3 down in 30 days.  Just horrible.  As much as I absolutely adore our city and our home, I can't say I would blame people if they were reluctant to buy here.  It's such a sad thing to see these things happen anywhere, but especially to our beloved St. Pete.

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