Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Being Thrifty

Having SO MUCH STUFF to buy to turn Yellowdog into our vision is going to mean being extremely creative.  My thoughts are to buy whatever we can find for a reasonable price and paint it all into a beachy-chic color scheme.  Between thrift stores, craigslist and garage sales, it shouldn't be hard but will be time consuming, so I figured we should start asap.

The morning of February 19th I read the garage sale section in the paper and saw that there was a yard sale in a very expensive part of town.  Chris humored me by agreeing to drive up there.  It was either very picked over or didn't have much good in the first place, but I did spot a small end table for $3.  Since that is the same as free in my book, I figured it was worth taking home. 

On the way home we spotted another sale, and this is where we hit a jackpot.  A lady had a garage that had been used for storage for some VERY old items.  Like, a million years old-old.  First I spotted a small desk that I could tell will be super cute w/ some paint and new hardware.  Mine.  Next we spotted this ancient hutch-type thing but it had some broken glass and a piece of rotten wood....but it was really interesting all the same and we could see it's potential.  Mine too, please.  There was also a beautiful antique cedar chest we were eyeing....for what, who knows, but it looked like a good deal.  Fortunately for me (since no doubt I will be doing 99% of the facelifting on all of this stuff) Chris came across a working electric sander for...get this....a buck.  We walked away with all of this (the 4 wooden pieces described, not the entire garage)

We rule!!  Or, I guess the people who sold these things to us for practically nothing, do.  Thank you, crazy-letting-your-furniture-go-for-free people, you make my bank account happy.

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