Thursday, February 24, 2011

Property description and pictures

OK so for those of you to whom we haven't described this property ad nauseum, here's the quick breakdown.  Four buildings and two docks.   One building is the commercial restaurant kitchen and one will be used as a rental cottage, right now it is called the "Key West" Cottage.  The third building is the Gallery/storefront/rental cottage and the fourth is the owner's cottage and current indoor dining area.  I'll describe as best I can w/ the pictures below.

 Taken from the one of the docks, this is looking west.   The building with the red roof is the Bridgewater Inn.

 Taken from the same spot, this is the cottage connected to the gallery.  Currently there is a full time tenant in there.

 Another picture to the west.  The dock in disrepair is owned by someone else.  Somewhat of an eyesore, but not a huge deal.
 Looking to the east at Bert's Bar and Grill. 

 Looking back toward the property, there is some of our restaurant seating.  We plan to clean this up and maybe re-arrange a bit.
 The restaurant kitchen.
 Right now this is indoor seating for the restaurant but it's also connected to the house we will live in.  We are thinking about moving the indoor seating to the gallery and opening this up to the house for more space.

The kitchen/living room of the house where we will live.

The dining room of one of the "Key West" cottage.

"Key West" cottage kitchen above, and bath below.

Bedroom and closet in rental "Key West" cottage.

"Key West" cottage living room. 
The large gallery space.  Through the door is where the boutique will be.

The other side of the gallery.  The doors here lead to the occupied rental cottage.

Boutique space.

Outside between the 4 buildings.

We'll take more pics on our next trip down and of course lots of pics along the redecorating/renovation process which we will be able to begin in April!


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