Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tweeking the decor in the Redfish, Tarpon complete less one LONG awaited rug

It's funny - in taking all these pictures of the decor, sometimes it takes seeing a picture to realize that I don't like something in real life.  That is what happened with these yellow tables.

Looking at the pictures, I realized they looked too dorm room/color by number/bright/matchy-matchy, etc etc.  Every time I looked at the room it just screamed HEY!  I'm Yellow!  Did you SEE ME?  I'm YELLOW!  It became my new mission to replace them.  I also thought some of the art we placed would do better slightly moved around.  I decided a mirror next to the door would be awesome to reflect the water view from the other side of the cottage, and since we placed a small shelving unit on the right wall, the art there had to be moved.  So the final result is here.  I do not see anything drastically changing from these pictures.

Here's the bedroom w/ the bed made differently....SO important and life-changing, I know.

And.....since my last posting of the Tarpon, we did a few additions; wall art and curtains.  We are literally one freaking taking forever rug away from this being finished.  And maybe a light fixture once I figure out what to do about the cobalt blue.

Stick a fork in this cause they're done!

AND holy crap!  As I was editing this post THE RUG ARRIVED.  I can't believe it.  I ordered this mo-fo in August.  You will have to bear with one more set of update pics next week :)


  1. I just love your house!! So so pretty and fun

  2. I LOVE all the fabrics you use and the patterns!! Your taste is impecable! :)