Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Massive miscellanous update - Property/Business edition

I finally reached my max capacity for working 7 days a week.  We were just getting ready to make an offer to someone to work every Saturday and Sunday in the boutique when she offered to lease the boutique instead.  This means it will be open full time.  This means it will expand, offer more and better stuff, and hopefully reach its full potential (which I didn't have time or energy for).  This means I get my weekends, and my life again.  This means we will still have some income from the boutique, probably more than when I was running it just on the weekends.  And it even means that we are offering an opportunity to someone who really wants it, is extrememly grateful, loves the property, AND has a zillion years more experience in running a boutique than I do (which would be just about anyone, haha).  But seriously, she does have a ton of experience and that experience has been completely autonomous on her part, which sounds perfect and win-win to us.  Thanks Kristy!!

We also think we're very close to a restaurant solution.  We are talking with a very experienced restauranteur in the area to take on breakfast/brunch and some catered events in the gallery space.  I'll update as we progress, but it's looking good!

We're finally listed on flipkey.com, homeaway.com, and vrbo.com.  Here are the links for the Redfish:

and for the Tarpon:

I need to update some pictures since they were all done at different times and I didn't always have the same pics available.  Speaking of pics, here is the final few updates of the Tarpon.  Note the coral rug in the living room and the curtains in the half bath.  Just in time for our first tenants checking in this Friday!

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