Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I thought we’d be down on our productivity this weekend since some good friends spent part of the weekend with us.  We went out on the boat over to Boca Grande on Friday, an anniversary tradition that got postponed due to the high winds last weekend, and had an amazing lunch at the Boca Grande Club.   However, when they left on Saturday, we were right back into improve and fix mode.

The weekly trip to the big box home improvement store yielded a piece of trim we needed to add to this wall so it would appear to match the rest. 

note the irregular paint on the back wall, there is no chair rail there

We know the prior owner did all his own woodworking, so we figured we’d have to get something remotely close in size and shape and then stain it.  However, in the trim section, there was some trim that was the same exact color and width as the rest of the trim.  It’s not the same exact shape, but being where it is and mostly covered by furniture, for the 5 minutes it took to install, it’s a great solution.  We just put some liquid nails on the back and it was cut exactly so it pretty much held itself in place (which, since I was the one who did the measuring and started the cutting, was total luck). 

yeah, I forgot to take a picture before we moved the furniture in front of the patched trim,
but trust me, it looks good!!

We hung the pictures we had set aside for the Snook, as well as put the rest of the bed (frame and headboard) together.  The trip down on Thursday night also had us bringing more kitchen supplies, misc décor, side tables, and some fabric samples to add a throw pillow here and there.

We got house numbers that Chris attached to a cool piece of driftwood, and mounted to the front of both the Tarpon and the Redfish.  I’ve been wanting those out there to make it easier to describe which building is which for our overnight guests. 

Chris also did his first solo spray paint project; he prepped and painted the old “Eiffel tower” statue that is part of the mailbox out front.  (The mailbox that doesn’t get any of our mail, by the way…I was told by the Cape Coral mail station that the local delivery lady can’t safely get to the mailbox and when I asked where we can place it to get mail delivery I got a “let me get back to you” and that was at least 2 months ago).  Anyway, I regret that I did not get any pictures of that or of the house numbers so I will have to post those in next week’s update.

I’ve not posted pictures of this yet; this is a mural painted by the artist David Ruhe.  At first we had planned to cover it in some way since a mural of outerspace seemed a little out of place, but now we’re (I’m) rethinking it.  It sort of blends in now that we’ve painted the dark blue.

So I think that was it for the weekend!  Here are some remaining pictures of the Snook.  Aside from the countertops and backsplash in the kitchen, these views probably won’t change much.   Our handyman is working this week to get the washer/dryer in the pantry room, and then we’ll be able to build in the bathroom shower.  That will be exciting since we’ve both been using the outside shower each weekend for the past month J

Thanks for reading!!

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